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Re: Is there any way to get TIDY to recursively tidy up a tree of fil es?

From: Rzepa, Henry <h.rzepa@ic.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 09:04:18 +0100
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To: html-tidy@w3.org
Cc: g.gkoutos@ic.ac.uk
>At 20:14 12.07.2000 -0700, RickR@biztro.com wrote:
>... well, he wrote nothing... ;-) but his question was: Is there any way to get TIDY to recursively tidy up a tree of files?

We adopted a rather different approach, using a robot rather than a directory tree.
This involved using htdig (www.htdig.org) to create a  URL list, and then passed this
list to htdig using  JTidy as an external parser. It allows us to call other parsers for
non HTML files transcluded in the HTML via <a>, <embed>, <img>, <applet>

Can I repeat a question I posed to the list (with no response; perhaps none exists).
If one does use Tidy recursively,enforcing the cleaning up of tags to use  CSS,
how might one go about recursively uniquifying the resulting multiple stylesheets into
a single one applicable to the entire document tree?  Its non trivial,
and I was wondering if anyone knew of a product, opensource or commercial
that might undertake this?  Is there perhaps another list this question might be
posed to?

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Dept. Chemistry, Imperial College, London, SW7  2AY, UK. 
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