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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 12:51:43 -0600
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"Schlesinger, Karen" <Karen_Schlesinger@es.adp.com> wrote:

> We are trying to use HTML tidy version 13th January, and are experiencing a
> few difficulties when using <span id="foo"></span>, and also <table
> id="foo"></table>. Tidy is reading these tags as empty, and therefore
> removing them in the cleaing process. We have tried teaching tidy about
> these tags as empty and also as inline, but neither have been successful. Is
> there any way to teach tidy that these tags are not empty, but contain an
> attribute, even though there is nothing in between the tags?  Attached
> please find a copy of our config file, in which we defined the Tidy
> requirements. Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

What possible reason would you have for empty tags?  What are you trying to
style when there is nothing to style inside the tags?

According to the DTD, TABLE requires TBODY, either explicitly or
implicitly, which in turn requires at least one TR where each contains at
least one TD or TH.  It is just not legal to have <TABLE></TABLE>, ID
attribute or no.  (Adjust case appropriately for XML.)
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