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RE: Why is "html" forced to lower case in DOCTYPE?

From: Jelks Cabaniss <jelks@jelks.nu>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 01:10:55 -0500
To: "HTML Tidy List" <html-tidy@w3.org>
J. David Bryan wrote:

>     Whenever Tidy supplies a corrected DOCTYPE, it produces one such as
> "!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC...", i.e., with the "html" in lower case.
>     Can someone please explain why changing this to lower case is
> "correct?"  Thanks.

Because in SGML-based HTML (i.e. 2.0, 3.2, 4.0), the case of the elements
doesn't matter, while in xHTML (which is case sensitive) they *have* to be in
lower case.  Thus lower case satisfies both conditions.

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