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RE: Nov 30 Comment feature

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Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 13:43:01 -0600
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Darren Forcier <dforcier@allaire.com> wrote:
> CFML is a dynamic, server side language. When you do commenting,
> sometimes you may want server side-comments only that won't show
> up on the client-side generated HTML.
> ColdFusion is a server-side HTML-like markup language which Tidy
> can support using additional keyword configurations, one of which
> is an alternate comment syntax to allow you to document your server
> side CFML, but not have the comments show up in the resulting
> client-side HTML, which could compromise security.
> CFML allows you to use <--- ---> as server-side comments which get
> processed by the Cold Fusion engine and won't show up in the
> generated client-side HTML which results.

But HTML Tidy doesn't operate on your engine's results; it operates on
files.  The designers of your "server-side comments" should have thought
twice about throwing non-HTML data into an HTML file.  Proprietizer!

Perhaps HTML Tidy should have some generalized code to handle any instance
of <x--...--x> where "x" is any single character (matching) to handle all
the many syntax of server-side directives (except Apache's <!--#...-->) it
deals with already as well as any more the next eager beaver decides to
come up with.

Meanwhile, this is a very crappy syntax Allaire has come up with as it adds
another layer of confusion upon comment syntax.  Couldn't you have come up
with a different character to use than "-"?

Is there any additional syntax to CFML's <---...---> markup that we could
use to disambiguate it from (other) badly formatted comments?
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