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Re: Rate your resource on the CodeCranker

From: <html-tidy@war-of-the-worlds.org>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 02:06:35 -0500
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> As a programmer who hates spam myself I want to make sure that you only
> receive this kind of e-mail if you want it.  If you no longer want to
> receive e-mail from the CodeCranker simply reply to this message with an
> Un-Subscribe in the subject and we'll remove your name immediately (this
> won't in any way effect your link entry with us)

Then surely you realize that it is highly improper to use another's 
mailing list as a destination for spam.  Would every subscriber to 
the list have to send a remove request before you'd remove the list 
from your spam list?  At most you can _ask_ _once_ for people to 
opt-in to your list, but not unilaterally decide for people that they 
are interested in your mailings.

And learn the difference between "affect" and "effect" please.  You 
come across as a fool when you get them mixed up.

Back to the list topic, I have looked over the latest HTML Tidy 
changes and expect to send additional bugfixes tomorrow.  Here's a 
few I can recall from the top of my head:  search for "Framset" and 
"xhtml1l".  There are also omitted slashes at the end of some URLs in 
that same source document.  (I'm sorry, I can't recall which one.)

There's also a function which can corrupt the node list such that 
this expression evaluates as true:

	(node->content->prev->parent == node)

Again, I can't recall which one, but when I can run a diff again I'll 
have it for you.

I also see there is not yet HTML 4.01 support in HTML Tidy.  I think 
I've got it done in my copy except that it still can't distinguish 
HTML 4.0 from HTML 4.01.

All these I expect to mail to the list the evening of the 29th.
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